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There are many stories in Twin Peaks — some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery — the mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Twin Peaks.


princesstrashcan aka pretty model-chan.


princesstrashcan aka pretty model-chan.






"Please stop selling shirts carelessly" wtf are they supposed to interview the people buying them like what does this dude want

you KNOW if he saw a dude wearing it he would not have said anything, he’d assume the guy knew the music, because this is not about music snobbery it’s about men thinking women are fucking idiots, and behaviour like this REINFORCES that belief because this guy will harass and belittle women, finding them to be “wrong” but he will leave men alone ASSUMING that they are “right” thereby providing himself with skewed inaccurate evidence to prove that women are idiots, completing the vicious cycle of misogyny that so many men perpetuate daily but are COMPLETELY FUCKING BLIND TO

She should have kicked him in the fucking nuts

I’ve actually had dudes come at me sideways on some “Let’s see who knows more about this subject” bullshit but they NEVER do that dick measuring shit with other men.

I’ve had it done to me at cons regarding comics, D&D, the Forgotten Realms books, characters, Star Wars, Star Trek, and especially video games (while I was working at GameStop no less), and it never fucking ends.

If you are a girl existing in a space that has been largely been believed to be “for boys only”, your credibility and validity will ALWAYS be under fire from ALL SIDES.

This shit has got to stop because not only is it irritating it reinforces the “fake gamer/rocker/cosplay girl” stereotype.

Alllllll of this. And my thing is, if even she hasn’t ever heard The Misfits… so what? It’s a shirt. Maybe she got the shirt because she likes the imagery on the shirt? Which is why most of us pay for the graphic tees we have? I mean geez, bro, can she live?

Get to know me: [3/5] antagonists
↳ Buggy The Clown


my favorite halloween movies
↳ The Craft (1996)

Thanks to my beautiful babe for being my Ralph at Dragon*Con.💕

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my personality condensed into 2 words is: cute & disgusting 

Fairuza Balk, c.1995

Fairuza Balk, c.1995



I hope I die from asphyxiation

put me to bed i’m crying

Zoro ( white hair ) 


Isn’t there anything you ever think about doing to me? Something unusual? Because I think about doing things to you. I think about making you powerless, completely at my mercy, making you beg.